Having a child with special needs introduces you to a whole new world.

The Special Parent Information Network (SPIN) is a parent to parent organization in Hawaii that provides information, support and referral to parents of children and young adults with disabilities and the professionals who serve them.

Parents often wish they had a map to navigate the confusing maze of:

  • IEPs (Individualized Education Program), IFSPs (Individual Family Service Plan), MPs, etc.
  • special education rights and responsibilities
  • child care options
  • government benefits
  • medical referrals
  • recreation programs

It is a whole world of new services, new terminology, new challenges, and new resources.

What we offer

Parenting a child with special needs can be a puzzling journey. SPIN helps families put together the pieces of the puzzle, so they can have a clearer vision of where they are heading.

SPIN tries to make the journey of parenting a child with disabilities a little less puzzling by keeping families linked to important information through a variety of media and events including:

  • a free electronic quarterly newsletter with current events and trends
  • a “warm” line of parent-to-parent support and understanding
  • information about services, educational programs, and support and advocacy agencies
  • an annual conference with opportunities for information gathering & networking

The Special Parent Information Network represents a unique partnership between the Disability and Communication Access Board and the Department of Education.

We welcome questions from parents, family members and interested individuals. We may not have all the answers, but we try to put you in touch with the people who do and empower parents to make better choices for their families.

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