Children with Special Health Needs Branch

Children with Special Health Needs Branch (CSHNB) is working to assure that all children and youth with special health care needs will reach optimal health, growth and development, by improving access to a coordinated system of family-centered health care services and improving outcomes, through systems development, assessment, assurance, education, collaborative partnerships an family support.

741 Sunset Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

Info Line: (808) 586-4400
Phone: (808) 733-9055
Fax: (808) 733-9068


Children with Special Health Needs Section

Early Intervention Section

Genomics Section

Genetics Program

Hawaii Birth Defects Program

Newborn Hearing Screening Program

Newborn Metabolic Screening Program

Healthy Child Care Hawaii

Hi’ilei Hawai’i

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention


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