How to Use This Guide

A Parent’s Guide to Partnership in Special Education is divided into sections that include the steps of the special education process and your rights and responsibilities under the law.  As you go through each section, look for words and acronyms that are in blue.  If you hover the cursor over them, a question mark appears, and in a few seconds, a definition of that word or an explanation of that acronym will appear in a little box.  A complete list of these words is found in a separate section called Words to Know.  All the acronyms (short cuts for a string of words that go together) are in a section called Acronyms.

This Guide reflects the amendments to Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004, recently enacted rules regarding parent connect, and Hawaii’s local law that implements IDEA–Chapter 60.  Wherever possible, we will try to link you to other documents and resources that will provide additional information.

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